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Rams midseason report card: Secondary

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The secondary was expected to take a step forward this year, but it hasn't looked like that has happened.

Jamie Squire

Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan has been on the bench with multiple injuries- but his play before didn't exactly inspire confidence. Many fans have noted the fact that he was seemingly missing a step. While he brings a veteran presence to the secondary, it looks like he's forgotten to bring his game with him.

Grade: D

Janoris Jenkins

Jenkins may be strip club ready, but he hasn't been ready to take over against top receivers. According to Football Outsiders, the Rams are dead last in the league against '#1 receivers'. He (and most of the secondary) have improved recently, but he still needs more work.

Golden Tate isn't the kind of receiver who should be waving at safeties.

Grade: C

Trumaine Johnson

Trumaine Johnson has found his niche in the Rams as the press guy, with so-so results. He's drawn his share of penalties, but his physical coverage is refreshing in a sea of cushions. I'd say he's probably the Rams best corner at this point, but he hasn't set the bar high.

Grade: C+

Brandon McGee

McGee hasn't played much on defense, but it's clear he isn't ready for prime time just yet. The Rams depth is thin at corner, so he may still see time later in the year. He's contributed on special teams, but needs to improve before he sees the field on defense.

Grade: C

T.J McDonald

Before his injury, McDonald was a decent starter. Coming out of college, he had problems with coverage and tackling and the speed of the NFL didn't help matters. While he was constantly around the ball, he needs to improve his tackling technique and his coverage skills to be a better player at this level.

Grade: C

Rodney McCleod

McCleod has been a slightly above average starter and looking at where he's started at, it's quite an achievement. He's been having some issues, but he's been the most dependable safety in coverage this year. Like Johnson, that doesn't mean glowing praise, but he's improved from where he started.

Grade: C+

Darian Stewart

Stewart is a holdout of the Spagnuolo days, but like many of the players from that team, he's been passed by. He never quite fit his billing as a blue-chip safety, and his missed tackles have seriously hurt the team. He still shows glimpses, but his injury history doesn't exactly make him a safe backup.

Grade: C-

Matt Giordano

Giordano has been a decent journeyman pickup for the Rams secondary. He hasn't set the world on fire, but he's contributed to a defensive secondary that has been hit hard by injuries. His interception against Jacksonville stands out, but it's debatable whether that was more of his skill or Blaine Gabbert's lack of it.

With no one stepping up in the secondary, Giordano could see much more playing time this year.

Grade: C

Cody Davis

Davis hasn't seen much time in the season in the base defense, but he's been a contributor to a good special teams unit. He was impressive in the preseason and continues to be one of those players to look out for.

Grade: C