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Rams midseason report card: Quarterback

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The St. Louis Rams mid-season positional grades continue with the quarterback.

Michael Thomas

1,687 yards, 14 touchdowns, a 60.69 completion percentage, a 90.9 quarterback rating, and just four interceptions. Those are Sam Bradford's numbers this year. The former number one draft pick was having a very good year statistically. As a matter of fact, he was projected to have a career year, one that would far surpass his rookie season, when he won Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.

Despite his great numbers, the team was just .500 when he left with an injury during the week seven match-up against the Carolina Panthers. The Rams could have won every game Sam started this year except for the week three beat down at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. Sam was limited to the scope of what the coaching staff wanted to do. Just imagine what could have been in those seven games, had Sam been given play calls that matched the personnel's abilities.

Kellen Clemens has done relief duty for part of the Carolina game, and started one against the Seattle Seahawks. In that stretch he has just a 48.57% completion percentage, 177 yards passing, and a 39.8 quarterback rating. I am frankly shocked that the Rams are sticking with Clemens.

They signed Austin Davis and career backup Brady Quinn to the roster, but neither have seen time under center yet. The quarterback position may well be in flux for the rest of the season, and fans can only hope that one of these three will squeeze out enough wins to make football interesting in St. Louis.

Grade: B- for Sam Bradford - D+ for Kellen Clemens - QB Carousel

Overall: C