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NFL power rankings, Week 12: Rams holding steady

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A bye week was just enough to keep the Rams in a good spot on the power rankings.

David Banks

The St. Louis Rams had the week off, and now get set for a stretch run to try and finish above .500 for the first time since 2003. A bye week didn't hurt their standings in the power rankings either, as pundits remembered fondly their 38-8 upset of the Indianapolis Colts in Week 10.

At SB Nation, the Rams stayed at No. 21. Here's the write up for Week 12:

After a week of R&R, the Rams are poised to see how much noise they can make down the stretch with 30 carries a game for Zac Stacy and their own brand of the Lions' "sack or scorch" pass defense. Jeff Fisher despises and fears offense, but there are rumors that even he took a journey to the mysterious East over the bye week to study arcane scrolls detailing the dark art of "downfield passing". Since, you know, he traded up into the Top 10 to grab a receiver with 4.3 speed and all. (Last Week: 21)

In the composite power rankings, the Rams averaged a 21.83 spot. Fox had them the highest at No. 20. The lowest anyone else had them was No. 23, which is a pretty small window.

The Bears are in town this week, and it's a very winnable game for the Rams, especially if they stick with Zac Stacy and an emphasis on the running game. The Bears ranked 10th at SB Nation and as high as ninth on one site (Fox). Chicago's composite score was 11.33.

The Bears own a 6-4 record, and beat the Ravens last week in a five-hour rain soaked affair at Soldier Field. The Rams are 4-6, last place in the NFC West.