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Rooting against the Washington Redskins

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Even when the Rams don't play because of a bye week, they still win.

Larry French

The St. Louis Rams might not have played Sunday, but you might as well say they did since the Washington Redskins played. The Redskins lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 24-16, and Redskins are currently 3-7.

Of course the reason why this is being mentioned is because of the blockbuster traded which ended in the Redskins drafting their franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Rams gained a lot of draft picks: 3 first and a second. This is the last year that the Rams will receive a first rounder from the Redskins.

Luckily for the Rams, RG3 and the Redskins have struggled this season, after looking pretty good in Griffin's rookie campaign. The Redskins could always throw a wrench in the Rams plans by winning a couple of games, but they won't make the playoffs this year, which is great for the Rams.

RG3 has really struggled this season. He's finally moving like the rookie quarterback that took the NFL by storm last season, but now he's making bad throws, one of which helped them lose against the Eagles on their last drive.

Here is the Redskins remaining schedule







I can see two more wins, maybe three.

So far, it appears as though the Rams will be receiving a top 10 draft pick from the Redskins in next April. Its too early to mention what players the Rams will look for in the first round, the easy choices are safety, offensive line, and maybe defensive tackle.

With Sam Bradford returning next season, the Rams will be looking to finally make that playoff push. If that's going to be possible, a high first rounder from the Redskins will help.