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Random Ramsdom: Quinn, Kyle, Chris, and Passive Aggressiveness

The Bye Week marches on with the Rams taking a mandated four day pass before practice resumes. The team may be taking a break, but rest assured, all they can think about is skinning some Bears.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports



Thursday Night Football

The Defensive Player of the Year is..... - Nick Wagoner-ESPN

Robert Quinn is one of, if not the most dominant defensive ends in the league. How does he compare to other DPOY candidates?

T.J. McDonald Eager to Return - Post Dispatch

Rams rookie safety T.J. McDonald is busting his butt trying to get back from a broken leg. He has two more weeks to practice before NFL rules allow him to play. Let's hope he's healed up and ready to go soon. McDonald was doing pretty well before he was sidelined with the injury during the Ram's Thursday Night Football matchup against the the San Francisco 49ers.

The Long RoadDan Pompei-Bleacher Report

You might of heard of Kyle Long, younger brother to the St. Louis Ram's Chris Long. The Rams defensive line will face off against Kyle and his line-mates after the bye week. So far, Kyle looks good in the NFL. Not bad for only having played offensive lineman for two years.

Just because this was awesome:


The CoreR.B. Fallstrom-Associated Press

Jeff Fisher came to a team that had a lot of talent and potential on the defensive side of the ball. Since his arrival the unit has improved.

Robert Quinn, Sackmaster Level: ExpertBrian Feldman-KMOV

Black Thunder has matured as a pass-rusher. One of the brightest holdovers from the Devaney/Spags era, Robert Quinn is demanding double and triple blockers. But he's still winning.


MLB MVPs Announced

Congratulations to Major League Baseball's 2013 MVPs Miguel Cabrera and Andrew McCutchen. Yadier Molina had two first place votes and Matt Carpenter received eight second place votes.

Rejoice Long-Haul Truckers!

Enya aside. JCVD is one BA dude.

Nothing Says Lovin' Like Free Cheese

Get it while you still can. Free cheese, wine, and steak just for riding Amtrak!

What Has the World Come to?

My 2 year-old Son was laughing so hard he cried.

Passive Aggressiveness Can Be Hilarious

Get your popcorn ready.

Public Service Announcement:

Please, in the name of decency- stop the twerking.

Friday's Jam:

Metallica - The Memory Remains [Official Music Video] (via MetallicaTV)