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NFL power rankings, Week 11: Rams reap the rewards of upset win

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Pull off an upset, get bumped up in the weekly power rankings. You know how it is.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Are you still a little surprised by the St. Louis Rams 38-8 win over the Indianapolis Colts last week? It's okay to admit that you are. We like surprises, especially the good kind. You know what's not a surprise? A bump upwards in the weekly NFL power rankings.

Because you know you spent all day Monday thinking about how this all translated to the weekly power rankings.

The Rams checked in at No. 21 this week at SB Nation. That's up from No. 27 the week before, following a soul-sucking loss to the Tennessee Titans ... the only AFC South team the Rams have lost to. Here's the blurb:

Styles make fights, and if a team trots out a laggardly O-line, the Rams' Fearsome Foursome 2.0 can thrash their opponent thoroughly enough to render other matchups meaningless. Andrew Luck was absolutely besieged by Robert Quinn and his mates, and as a bonus the St. Louis coaches finally looked under the couch and found the instruction booklet they'd lost when they unwrapped Tavon Austin. PAGE ONE: GET HIM THE BALL IN SPACE. PAGE TWO: N/A.

Clearly he hasn't heard about the secret plans.

Over at ESPN, the Rams went from 25 to 20. CBS troll Pete Prisco put the Rams at 24, same spot they were last week. Brian Billick bumped them from 28 to 20 at Fox Sports.

That's what the "experts" think, but what about you? What's a reasonable ranking for the Rams this week?