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Random Ramsdom: Basking in the glow- Tuesday Links

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It was a game for satisfy immediate Rams' fan cravings on Sunday. Entering their bye week, St. Louis has left behind a smoldering yearning for more, but at least fans are smiling this week. Around the league, two struggling teams got wins - Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. Miami is a chocolate mess, with the latest NFL drama unfolding in their locker room. The Giants may be in the hunt for a new quarterback in the coming NFL Draft, with Eli Manning being a shadow of his former self. But enough about them! Onto the morning links...

ESPN 101's Anthony Slater adds his take on the Rams - Colts game: He's high on Benny Cunningham, but his take on Rodger Saffold at guard is what caught my eyes.

Eli Manning is struggling - I know this better than most, since I've watched his Fantasy Football production each week on my woeful roster. Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin speaks of encouraging Eli, but the writing is on the wall for the brother of Peyton...

If you look at the NFL Draft order based on today's positions, is it possible there could be quarterbacks taken with the first 5 picks of the draft? Have a look by clicking on the "projected Draft Order" tab, and tell me these five teams aren't in the market for a new signal caller...

Has Carolina stumbled into being a Super Bowl contender? I think so, but injuries have been kind to Ron Rivera's team so far. Team depth down the stretch will tell the tale.

CBS Sports gives you a few quick hits of Rams' news. Featured are Lance Kendricks, Harvey Dahl and William Hayes

Nick Wagoner issues his Rams mid-season report card. Not all is wine and roses according to the former in-house St. Louis blogger turned ESPN writer. His "D+" for Jeff Fisher and Co. should irk his former employer more than a tad.

Make sure you vote for Tavon Austin - IMMEDIATELY - for Rookie of the Week.

That'll have to do it for today. Frank will be back soon with a REAL Tuesday morning links post very soon.