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Robert Quinn Chasing The Deacon Jones Award

Robert Quinn is having an amazing season, but will it be good enough for him to win the Deacon Jones Award?

Look out, Quinn is coming for you.
Look out, Quinn is coming for you.
Michael Hickey

It's Robert Quinn's third year. He's no longer flashing on the field, he's downright dominating it. Quinn is the best player on the Rams defense and it shows. He could possibly be the best 4-3 defensive end in the league. Not only does Quinn have 12 sacks, but he also has 5 forced fumbles.

You're not stopping Robert Quinn today. This would back ... on Twitpic

The league decided to honor former Rams great Deacon Jones after he passed away during the off-season. They created the Deacon Jones Award, which will be given annually to the sack leader at the end of the season.

Quinn is currently 2nd in the race for the award. Robert Mathis is 1st with 13.5 sacks. He earned two of those on Sunday against the the Rams.


Quinn has a chance to win the award. It'll be great for the Rams since this year is the first year a player will be honored. The Rams are, without question, the most fitting team for the award (amirite?). The chase for the award is one of the reasons to continue watching the Rams this season; Enjoy the evolution of a great defensive player right in front of your eyes.