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St. Louis Rams: Quick Reaction to 38 - 8 Win Over The Colts

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Call it a trap game for the Colts, or an awakening by the St. Louis Rams. Either way, the Rams shined in every aspect of their play today. Zac Stacy had a bad game statistically - 26 carries for 62 yards - but his value came in making the Indianapolis defense respect the Rams' running game. It opened up passing opportunities not there only three weeks ago. Tavon Austin was the big story of the day, with 300+- total yards - depending on who's stats you use.

His punt return was a thing you'll want to find a video of, to watch it over and over again. Waving players off the ball, he picked it up on a bounce, then raced down the sidelines for a 98 yard score. Not long after, he caught a 57 yard touchdown pass from Kellen Clemens, followed by another for 81 yards at the start of the third quarter. Three touchdowns for the 2013 #8 draft pick, in what can only be described as his breakout game.

The Rams defense is the real set of heroes today, stuffing the Colts running attack, and sacking Andrew Luck three times. They also hit the usually accurate quarterback of three interceptions. Luck took a beating on most every play, as the Rams' defense remorselessly kept pressure on him the entire game.

Another big winner on the day was Brian Schottenheimer, who seemed to loosen up his play calling a bit, and give Clemens a wider variety of choices in his route selection tree. It paid huge dividends, offering opportunities for guys like Tavon Austin to operate in the open field.

In a tough place to win like Indianapolis, this game comes as a breath of fresh air to Rams' players and fans alike. It showed what's possible, not what's definite. But you have to like what you saw today from this Rams team. Tough, physical, quick  - and down right relentless - this is a contest the team can use to build on in the future.

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