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St. Louis Rams - Indianapolis Colts: "LIVE" Second Half Thread

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a dream first half for the St. Louis Rams. Defensively, the entire front four have played out-of-their-minds-outstanding. Langford and Brockers are shoving the Colts' interior linemen around. Robert Quinn has two sacks, and Chris Long has one, plus a touchdown on a fumble by Andrew Luck. The Rams' linebackers are sealing off the medium passing zone, and filling holes like they did against Seattle earlier this season. The Rams' secondary is blanketing the Colts' receivers, giving up few plays.

But the story of the first half has to be Tavon Austin. His punt return for a touchdown was a thing of beauty. He followed it up with a long catch for a score, beating Colts' Vontae Davis like he was standing still. Kellen Clemens has been great, surprising most Rams fans. He's showed poise in the pocket, even after the Colts' Robert Mathis sacked him twice. Zac Stacy has been solid once again, establishing the St. Louis running game as something the Colts have to pay attention too.

Andrew Luck has the most 4th quarter comebacks - with his amount of playing time - in NFL history. can he work his magic again? Will Jeff Fisher recall the two different half-s of play his team played against the Tennessee titans? It's time to find out! Enjoy the rest of the game!