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St. Louis Rams - Indianapolis Colts: "LIVE" Game Thread

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There's a history between these two teams some may have forgotten. In 1972, Robert Irsay and Carroll Rosenbloom exchanged NFL franchises in the biggest trade in NFL history. Both teams went on to move away from their original home towns (Baltimore to Indianapolis, and Los Angeles to St. Louis). They spun off in different directions for the most part, but both have their fair share of players in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Here's another interesting tidbit from the historic trade you may not know, courtesy of

"An interesting note regarding Super Bowl trophies: The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V and were presented of course with the Super Bowl trophy. In 1972, when he traded franchises with Irsay, Rosenbloom kept the Super Bowl Trophy and took it west with him to Los Angeles. The Colts petitioned the NFL, and the NFL gave the Colts a replacement Super Bowl Trophy. In the legal maneuvers surrounding the Colts leaving Baltimore for Indianapolis, they were forced to leave the replacement trophy in Baltimore as part of the settlement. So, until the Colts won Super Bowl XLI following the 2006 season they did not have a Super Bowl Trophy, even though the organization had also won Super Bowl V."

Today's game in Indianapolis isn't the un-winnable contest for the St. Louis Rams most in media would have you believe it to be. Andrew Luck is without a doubt a budding NFL superstar quarterback, but it's the frills around him that have the former Stanford star living on fourth quarter comebacks. His offensive line is suspect, and the Colt's veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne is out for the season. It will come down to covering T.Y. Hilton, who has stepped up into a key role for the Colts. On offense, the Rams have to play ground and pound, with a sprinkling of passes. The way to take a guy like Luck out of the equation is to not let him on the field, so ball control - and a big time reduction in dumb penalties - will be paramount for the Rams today.

Look for the Rams' defense to stack the box, and for stunts/blitzes galore to keep Luck from finding any kind of rhythm. His offensive line has their hands full facing Robert Quinn and Chris Long, but a big day by the Rams' defensive tackles could hold a key to this game's outcome. Offensively, let's see if Jeff Fisher lives up to his statement that rookie receiver Stedman Bailey will see more playing time? To my mind, the one seriously missing piece for St. Louis on offense has been a receiver who can add any kind of dependable flash. Bailey showed early in the preseason he has amazing hands and catches anything near him. Overshadowed by his former UWV teammate Tavon Austin all season, I think it's time to give young Mr. Bailey an opportunity to shine. How about you?

The Colts will be coming after Kellen Clemens. The one way to make sure a back up quarterback stays a back up, is to keep showing him multiple looks on defense. Indianapolis' 3-4 defense will be morphing all day to alter the direction of pressure, and to press Clemens into the pocket where he struggles.

So here's to a great game, and no injuries! Enjoy the game!