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Which Former Titan Will Have The Biggest Game?

The St. Louis Rams will play the Tennessee Titans this Sunday, so which former Titan will have the biggest game?

Andy Lyons

While the story lines will be following St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher when the Rams host the Tennessee Titans, he's not the only person going against his old team Sunday.

The Rams have four players on their roster who played for the Titans. Everyone on the team wants to win this game, but these four players might want to win it more than the other players. So which of these players will have the biggest game?

Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan has been a big liability on the field this season. It's gotten so bad, that if you look on the field and you see a touchdown, Finnegan did it again is the first thought that comes to your head. It appears as though he won't be an outside corner for the Rams as much, unless they like him on the outside more than Trumaine Johnson which is possible.

However, don't expect Finnegan to just disappear if Johnson is the starter on the outside. In nickel packages, Finnegan was the slot corner, so he will continue to play. Hopefully, he begins to play better and doesn't continue to be the weakest link in the secondary. He will be on Kendall Wright for some of the game, so hopefully he can control the big plays.

Jared Cook

So far Cook hasn't lived up to the hype and potential everyone saw in the beginning of the season. He exploded week one against the Arizona Cardinals and ever since that game Cook hasn't produced much. He has been responsible for failing to pick up blocks and not fighting off jams,; let alone fight for the ball.

The hopes were that Cook could be the best receiver for the Rams. Obviously, he wasn't going to be the best blocker, but the Rams needed an experienced receiver who could make plays and that's what it looked like they spent money on at first. Now it looks like Cook could be a free agent bust. Cook has to find a way to produce and hopefully get's himself in the grove. The Titans will know the best way to defend Cook, so he could just have another unproductive week and will show me how dumb I was to draft him in my fantasy football league. Make me and the Rams look good Cook!

William Hayes

Hayes was a great re-signing by the Rams. Instead of leaving the team - possibly gaining a bigger role elsewhere -Hayes decided to stay with Jeff Fisher and continue to play a rotational role. He's a good run defender that can generate sacks. When he's in the game, there's really not a drop off and he's like the 5th man on the Rams defensive line.

It would be a surprise if Fisher doesn't use Hayes much against his former team. Hayes could be the one to have the biggest impact out of all the former Titans, however it might not show up in the stat sheet and it will probably be looked over.

Will Witherspoon

The Rams brought Witherspoon in to replace Jo-Lonn Dunbar while he was serving his suspension. Witherspoon wasn't special when he started for the defense, and he won't start as long as the other linebackers are healthy.

Don't expect to see Witherspoon much.