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Turf Show Radio: Tonight at 9:30 pm, Eastern Time (UPDATED)

3k recaps the Jags game and looks ahead to the Houston contest with Matt Weston of Battle Red Blog.

(UPDATED: Had to push back the show 30 minutes. Blame Congress.)

Like this site, Turf Show Radio is growing at an incredible pace. We've begun to tap vast pools of special guests, and over the next couple months you'll be impressed. Tonight, we'll be talking Rams in the post-win haze against the Jaguars, and the next challenge ahead: The Houston Texans...

Houston has been sputtering, and after a stunning home field loss to the San Francisco 49ers, they'll be looking to get back on the winning track. It's a rough situation for the wobbly Rams to wander into. Can they somehow find a way to win against one of the slew of top notch teams remaining on their schedule? How will the Rams defense - struggling against the run - deal with Arian Foster; one of the premier running backs in the NFL? Will J.J. Watt take out his frustrations on a shaky Rams offensive line?

Matt Schaub is suffering from fan doubts: Sound familiar? The Houston quarterback has had a rough go of it lately. Can a dose of St. Louis coming to town cure his ills? The Rams' defensive secondary was lit up by the Jaguars for some biog plays.

We'll be touching base with the Texans' SBN site: "Battle Red Blog" and Matt Weston. He'll give you fan insights into the pro-s and con-s of the Texans after last weekend's drubbing by the 49ers, and their 0-2 status against the NFC West (They lost to SEA: 23-20 in Week #4).

Joe McAtee will be your host tonight - as always; with me skulking around in the comment threads the entire show. So join us, and let's get dialed in for this week's game. Speaking of "dialing in", punch these numbers into your phone during the show, and you get to talk to Joe about anything you want ( I'd ask him about General Topology. He's loves the subject - TRUST ME!): (347) 857-1022

To drop in and listen to the show, all you have to do is hit this little, tiny link: