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St. Louis Rams - Jacksonville Jaguars: "LIVE" Second Half Thread


The first quarter was rough to watch. The Rams offense still sputtered out of the gate, and didn't score in the first 15 minutes of play. Defensively, the Rams' secondary looked to be playing more "man-coverage", and got burned by Justin Blackmon on a missed assignment.

Matt Giordano got the Rams on the board, with an 82 interception return on an awful Blaine Gabbert over-throw. The Jags second overall NFL Draft pick - Luke Joeckel - left the game on a cart after having his ankle was rolled up. Let's hope it's nothing serious.

Second level blocking by the Rams' offensive line is still a problem. Bradford has checked down fast today, with far too many 1 to 5 yard passes. The times he's looked for deeper routes, it looks like plays are there? Hats off to the Jags defensive front for keeping inside pressure up. Once again, we've seen a Bradford pass batted down at the line. That said, I actually like what I've seen from Bradford. There's a toughness about him that's impressed me. If the Rams can give him some pocket confidence, the second half could turn into a pass-happy event for Bradford. I'm really wondering where Tavon Austin is today? Lance Kendricks has been Bradford's favorite target today, with short passes; one for a touchdown.

Rams' fans, I know you aren't happy. But let's embrace the positives, since they've been few and far between the last few weeks. Go Rams!