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Turf Show Radio: The Halloweenie Show - Canceled

The show tonight has been canceled due to technical problems we can't get a handle on just now. Thank you for tuning in, and we'll get things straightened out for next Tuesday at our regularly scheduled time.

Tuesday night just wasn't right for the Turf Show Radio show this week. So we moved it to Halloween! That's right, Joe will be in costume as Justin Bieber for the show tonight. His hair cut just so, he'll be raising his voice a couple octaves as he picks fights with his neighbors.

We'll be covering the sudden rise of the Rams' defense against Seattle, the crawling of Kellen Clemens, and oh so much more!

Joining Joe on the show tonight, will be Music City Miracle's Jimmy Morris. He'll give us his thoughts on "The Jeff Fisher Bowl", and what to expect from an improved Tennessee Titans team. Their offense is looking better, now that Jake Locker has returned from injury. Chris Johnson may be splitting carries with Shonne Green.

Turf Show Times writer Eddie P. will be dropping by to give us his slant on a variety of Rams thoughts.

So make sure to tune in at 9pm EASTERN TIME. Ask question in the comment thread here at TST. We'd love to have you call in to get your questions answered - (347) 857-1022. It's only $7,000 per minute, and while you're waiting we have Joe doing Bieber song covers. Such a deal, eh? (I'm kidding about the phone charge - it's free - but Joe's singing will make you want to cry...)

For all this, all you have to do is click on this itty-bitty link...