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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Bills @ Browns

Two 2-2 teams toot their tools on the tuned tube tonight.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday Night Football isn't known for its riveting matchups. Tonight's no difference.

The Bills and Browns, both resting at 2-2 above their preseason evaluations, enter a pretty important game for their respective franchises.

Buffalo is, by record, in the division that has gotten off to the best start in the NFL. They are, by recordings, in the division everyone expected to be the worst in the NFL. It's a long season, and it shouldn't surprise anyone if those forecasts bear out. If anything, we should watch this game expecting it to be close. The Bills have two wins over Carolina and Baltimore by an average margin of victory of 2 points. The Bills have two losses to the Jets and New England by an average margin of defeat of 4.5 points. If nothing else, they're making 4th quarters enjoyable to the layfan.

The Browns, on the other hand, are weird. They traded Trent Richardson. They promoted Brian Hoyer to the starting job over backup Jason Campbell when the previous starter, Brandon Weeden, suffered a digital injury (haha. Word joke.). They won their last two games over teams that were in the playoffs last year in Minnesota and Cincinnati. The Browns are weird.