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Which Jaguars player would you want on the Rams?

If the Rams could add any player from the Jaguars roster, which played would you want to have?

Al Bello

Borrowing a play from some of the other team blogs around the SB Nation network, I thought this seemed like a nice afternoon distraction. If the Rams could have any player from the Jaguars roster, who would you take?

St. Louis' desperate search for a running game will lead a lot of people to pick Maurice Jones-Drew. But I'm cautious when it comes to aging running backs. If Les Snead could nab anyone he wanted from the Jags, my pick would be left tackle Luke Joeckel.

He struggled a little at right tackle, but his move this week back to the left side will be a better for for the Texas A&M product. Think about it, this kid probably should have been the first player picked in the draft. He's blocked the blind side for both Ryan Tannehill and Johnny F'n Football, two VERY different quarterbacks.

It's been a long time since the Rams had a legitimate franchise left tackle they could lean on for the long-term. Jake Long may or may not be an acceptable fill-in, but the Rams need young, blue chip offensive line talent.

So how about you, who would you take from the Jags roster if you could?