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Random Ramsdom: Thursday Night Football Preview, Jaguars at Rams, & Fantasy Football Rankings

Previewing the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns, as well as everything you’ll need to know about the Jaguars v. Rams game on Sunday afternoon. Need some fantasy football wisdom? Turf Show Times has you covered!

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Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not often that a Buffalo Bills [2-2] vs. Cleveland Browns [2-2] game garners much excitement, but tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup is certain to be better than you may have predicted oh, let’s say, four weeks ago. SB Nation’s got your preview here. The Browns are looking for their third consecutive win, while the Bills head into Cleveland fresh off a victory against the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

You can peep a few Bills @ Browns Previews here:

* Cleveland Browns Official Website
* Buffalo Bills Official Website [Video]
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* Evan Silva [RotoWorld]
* NFL Fantasy Live’s Outlook [Video]

NFL Honors Watch. The Early Leaders:

We’ve reached the 1/4 mark of the 2013 season, and therefore it’s time to get the pulse on the early leaders for the NFL’s postseason honors. At 1-3, it’s pretty clear there are no MVP candidates on the roster, but do any of the Rams’ players make the Top 5 for Defensive Player of the Year or Rookie of the Year?

The QB Index. Ranking the NFL’s Top 32:

In most statistical categories, Sam Bradford is off to a decent start. Others, however, leave a lot to be desired. Gregg Rosenthal ranks the NFL’s QBs by tier. Where does the play-caller from St. Louis rank?

Hard-Hitting 49ers’ Safety Changes His Name:

San Francisco 49ers’ Safety - Donte Whitner - thinks he hits harder than his birth name, and so he’s changing it. From here on out, you can call him Donte "Hitner." Ok then…

The 49ers Sign John Skelton to a One Year Deal: CBS Sports

Word has gotten out. JoLonn Dunbar re-signed with the Rams. The 49ers are well aware of what he can do to starting QBs [see: Smith, Alex] and therefore they’ve signed another backup. That may not be the reason, but it’s what I’m telling myself.

The Jaguars Don’t Exist To Vegas: CBS Sports

The start for the Rams - and their Week 5 opponent - has left a lot to be desired. The Rams, who had 50-1 chance of making the Super Bowl prior to the season’s start are much more of a long shot now. The Jaguars…well, Vegas thinks only 31 teams even deserve odds.

A Former Boa Constrictor-Toting Wrestler Picks The Rams: CBS Sports

For the first time in the history of…ever…Jake the Snake picks the Rams to win on Sunday. His counterpart - Dave Richard - not so much…

Rams Low On Bodies In The Secondary: ESPN

Wednesday’s injury list contained a cornucopia of the Rams’ defensive backs. Prior to the season the question was "who will step up?" After four weeks, a more pertinent question is "who can step up?"

Daryl Richardson Won’t Get the Start on Sunday. It’s Zac Stacy Time!: ESPN

The Rams have a stable of running backs, each of whom have their pros/cons. None have proven to be a ‘complete back,’ and the timeshare approach we’ve witnessed through the first quarter of the season isn’t a result of "thunder and lightning" or changing pace…it’s because they’re still searching for a back who can stand out…they’re still searching for someone who can run farther than Sam Bradford. Zac Stacy, you’re up!

Patrick Peterson Proclaims He’s the Best Cornerback In The Game: Pro Football Talk

I’m not even going to say he’s wrong. Certainly there’s room for debate, but he’s got to be up there. Regardless, he said it, and I feel obligated to make you think about it.

2012 First-Rounders In Focus: Pro Football Focus

PFF takes a close look at each of last year’s First round rookies, and how they’re performing early on in their sophomore seasons.

Power Rankings Through Four Weeks: Pro Football Focus

The PFF staff rank all 32 NFL teams. The Rams rank as high as 23 and as low as 28. Where do you have ‘em?

Greg Zuerlein Picking Up Where He Left Off: St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

Zuerlein demands perfection…from himself. Thus far in 2013, he’s yet to let himself down. Converting on all six field goal tries, and [only] five extra point attempts, Zuerlein looks to build on a solid rookie year.

Sam Bradford is Prepared to Face Seattle’s Defense…This Week: St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

"I mean, you look at the defense and it’s very, very similar to what they do in Seattle. There’s a few wrinkles that are slightly different, but for the most part, it’s pretty spot on with what we’ve seen from Seattle the past couple years."

The ‘Feeble’ Rams and The Run Game: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Bernie Miklasz lines up some great franchise stats, covering the 76 years of Rams’ football. The current Rams' running game, as you might have suspected, ranks up there as one of the worst. The tight ends aren’t doing them any favors…

SB Nation Panel Picks the Week 5 Winners: SB Nation

It’s five dudes - one of who you know well - picking all of the Week 5 winners. It’s not unanimous for the Rams…

There have been many-a-time in Sam Bradford’s young career that the fan base has raised the question. And whether or not he was directly to blame, or his surroundings didn’t help facilitate his own success, he remains. We’re only four games into 2013, and the question is already rearing it’s head. What do you think?

You ready for some insult slingin’? I sure hope so. This Sunday, when the Rams take the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars, you’ll be witnessing a battle of the NFL’s worst.

Bill Barnwell hands out a few awards four games into 2013. Though most won’t argue that you could probably let Peyton Manning keep his, the others stand a pretty good chance of changing throughout the course of the season.

Michael Fabiano Week 5 Waiver Wire Targets:

Nathan Zegura Provides a TON of Facts for Each Week 5 Matchup: CBS Sports

Week 5 Fantasy Football Player Rankings By Position: Yahoo! Sports

Charting Targets [by player & team] For Weeks 1-4: RotoWorld