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Rams 9 - Seahawks 14: Plenty of Fight to Win, Just Enough Schottenheimer to Lose


Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams showed a hell of a lot of fight tonight.

The defense, led by defensive ends Robert Quinn and Chris Long, put on a show racking up six sacks. Had a Richard Sherman interception not gifted the Seahawks field position, this game might have looked even worse for the Seahawks offense.

Speaking of, they were largely negated save for one misplay by Janoris Jenkins that allowed Golden Tate to handwink his way into the end zone. Take away that 80-yard Tate TD, and Wilson ends up with 59 yards passing.

Russell Wilson passed the ball 17 times for 59 yards and once more for another 80. His tackles abandoned him, and the Rams absolutely dominated the running game. Marshawn Lynch finished with a horrendous 8 carries for 23 yards.

Sadly, the Rams had an offense as well. And for the most part, it was bad.

Really bad.

Kellen Clemens is Kellen Clemens. This should surprise nobody. But Zac Stacy? Zac frigging Stacy? We have a starting RB this season.

Which brings us to the end of this game. The Rams had a first and goal from the 6.

They passed the ball three times for three incompletions. They ran the ball twice for 5 yards.

Tonight, there are no fans of Brian Schottenheimer.

But there should be fans of the Rams. They fought. They deserve better.