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St. Louis Rams - Seattle Seahawks: MNF Game Thread


Traffic should be magical (Insert sarcastic smile) around the Edward Jones Dome tonight. With the St. Louis Cardinals playing a World Series game tonight only blocks from the Rams home stadium, football and baseball fans will be out in droves.

Ticket prices for tonight's Rams-Seahawks nationally broadcast game have been slashed to the bone to fill the EJD. Will it happen? They're offering two-for-one hotdogs and cheap beer too. But will they attend the Kellen Clemens show?

This game isn't the slam dunk for the Seahawks the mainstream media seem to think. Before Sam Bradford went down to a season ending injury, this division game was closely matched. Now, with Clemens at the helm, it's going to be the upset of the year if the Rams pull out a win.

So sit back and watch, as the Rams defense tries to find its 2012 form. They are the key to this game, not Clemens. They have to stop Marshawn Lynch from having his way, then bottle up and pressure quarterback Russell Wilson. On offense, the Rams' offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has little to lose by going wild and crazy. I think Tavon Austin will see 10+ catch opportunities tonight - all within 8 yards of the line of scrimmage. Look for Clemens to have a shortened receiver tree to check down. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Zac Stacy catching little flash-screen passes as Clemens' chief safety value. Look for the Rams tight ends to play a HUGE role tonight in 2nd and long situations, in a "six yards and a cloud of dust" kind of thing.

It's Monday Night Football, so the NFL stage belongs to the Rams and Seahawks. Enjoy the game!