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NFL Sunday: Around The League "LIVE" Thread

Chris Graythen

With the St. Louis Rams playing this Monday, we have a chance to watch an entire NFL schedule of game today. The match-ups are there for a great day to improve that body formed groove in your couch. I'll be watching to see if Danny Amendola can make it all the way through a game for New England. Then there's Cincinnati, with a white hot Andy Dalton trying to keep naysayers at bey.

The New York Giants will be starting Peyton Hillis at running back today. Can anyone say "Long Day" with a Bronx accent? I'm starting Eli Manning on my fantasy team today, thinking passing will be the only way to go for a woeful Giants team to find a win.

How will New Orleans fare with a banged up Jimmy Graham? Is this the day Marques Colston lights up for a big game? Lots to think about, so give us your best "play-by-play call in the thread.

Also, if you find the time, there's a fresh Front Office Fiction lurking somewhere on the TST front page. Enjoy your day!