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Rams Vs. Seahawks, Monday Night Football: 5 players to watch

Are you ready for Monday Night Football? Of course you are. Can the St. Louis Rams upset the Seattle Seahawks? Maybe, if they hope to do that, these players will have to have a big game.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams are hosting the Seattle Seahawks this week. It's the first time the Rams have hosted Monday Night Football in seven years. This game will be a long shot for the Rams, but anything is possible, right? This is the National Football League. Maybe, just maybe, the Rams can pull off the shocker of the year, or they will just get pounded into the turf, and no one will know because the Cardinals are playing a World Series game that day.

However, if the Rams are able to pull off a victory against the Seahawks it will be because of these 5 players.

Kellen Clemens: The Rams new quarterback. Of course all eyes will be on him this Sunday. If by some miracle he plays a good game, then expect everyone to find a way to make it a negative on Sam Bradford. We will have Clemens for president signs everywhere; however, if he plays horrible expect to hear on NFL Network or ESPN breaking news about how Brett Favre laughed so hard he fell off his tractor.

Zac Stacy: The Seahawks will be a tough game for a backup quarterback. So expect to see Stacy early and often in this game. He has proven to be a reliable option in the backfield and the best running back on the roster. He sees the hole and can explode through it; against the Carolina Panthers, he even showed a burst that hasn't been there all season.

Robert Quinn: Quinn has been the best player on the Rams defense this year. He currently has seven sacks, but he's really picked up his run defense this season. He has 19 tackles, and he's been good at containing the run to his side. He's nowhere near the liability he was last season against the run. He's also forced four fumbles, pretty good considering he's only forced one before this year. If he can help contain Russell Wilson and pressure him, the defense can get the ball in the offense's hands more often.

Janoris Jenkins: After the Panthers game, expect to hear about Jenkins on defense, obviously they will talk about him and Steve Smith. However, Jenkins has been an issue this season with up and down play. He's a solid corner, but his issues haven't been masked since he hasn't come up with nearly as many turnovers as he did last season. This would be a good game for Jenkins to be a game changer again.

Alec Ogletree: The Rams other first-round pick has been having a good season, 51 tackles and an interception for a touchdown, pretty good for a rookie linebacker. The Rams will have Ogletree spying Wilson and playing some coverage. With Quinn on one side and Ogletree on the other they should be able to contain some of the big plays that Wilson has been making this season.