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St. Louis Rams approval poll

It's another year of unmet expectations in St. Louis. Do fans approve of the job the team's leadership is doing?

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Poll time. The St. Louis Rams are not exactly where we'd hoped they would be approaching the mid-point of the season. And given the injury news and the way things have gone so far, it doesn't look like the Rams are going to finish anywhere near those August expectations.

So we have to ask, where does the responsibility for the disappointment fall?

Sam Bradford's injury was really just kind of a freak thing. It wasn't the result of a missed block and a big sack, just luck, bad luck. But could the front office have done a better job finding a backup quarterback for Bradford?

And what about the some of the big free agent signings? Jake Long leads the team in sacks and pressures allowed. Jared Cook hasn't had a touchdown or even topped 50 receiving yards since Week 1. Tavon Austin, who the Rams surrendered a second-round pick to trade up and draft, hasn't lived up to the preseason hype.

On defense, things are really bad. A unit that allowed 21.8 point per game last year, is allowing 26.3 points this year. Worse, it ranks at the bottom of the league against the run, and opponents are finding a welcoming spot for pass catchers in the middle part of the field.

So let's assess, how do you grade the Rams' decision makers right now, the coaches and the front office?