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Random Ramsdom 10/24: When Life Gives You Clemens...

The St. Louis Rams will host the Seattle Seahawks - who just so happen to have the best record in the NFC - in Week #8’s Monday Night Football game. The circumstances, given the injury to Sam Bradford, couldn’t be any less ideal. But when life gives you Clemens…you make Clemen-ade!

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Whitney Curtis

The St. Louis Rams’ offense will have a slightly different look when they host the Seattle Seahawks in Week #8’s Monday Night Football matchup. Emotions for the game may - no doubt - will be altered as a result of Sam Bradford’s season-ending knee injury. That doesn’t mean, however, that crazier things haven’t happened, or that the Rams are going to be packing it in early. Expectations may be tempered, but when the game kicks off on Monday night, you can be certain that the St. Louis Rams will taking the field with one thing in mind…victory. The conditions may not be ideal BUT, when life gives you Clemens, you make Clemen-ade!

Looking for a quick glance at Monday Night’s Seahawks at Rams game?

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The SB Nation Staff Picks Your Week 8 Winners: SB Nation

It’s a little known fact that professional sports require two teams for the sole purpose of being able to predict a winner. If you’re hesitant to hone your prognostication skills, or simply would like the SB-expert advice, here’s a panel of five folks who all think the Broncos will win on Sunday…and the Seahawks on Monday.

Vote Sam Bradford For The 2014 Pro Bowl:

Sam Bradford had a solid first seven games in this 2013 NFL season. It’s fair to say he was well on his way to his career best year. If you’re in agreement, you can vote to make him a Pro Bowler here. It’s certainly going to be tough for him to replicate the success he’s had thus far, though…

Yes, the St. Louis Rams placed a call too...Brett Farve?:

Now that would've been interesting, eh? The aged, quarterback - with multiple text images to his credit - got a call to see if he was interested in returning to the NFL. Life on the farm is sweet I guess, because he declined the notion.

Top 10 Candidates To Swap Teams At The Trade Deadline:

The NFL’s trade deadline is less than a week away [Tues, Oct. 29]. Chris Wesseling highlights ten NFL players who may have new homes by Week 9, and the suitors who may desire their services. See anyone of interest?

A Potentially Early 2014 NFL Mock Draft: CBS Sports

I use the word "potentially" loosely. The draft is approximately seven months away, so perusing the calender…yeah, it might be a tad early, especially if you’re looking for accuracy. With that being said, I know many fans went into mock mode while Sam Bradford was still writhing in pain on the Carolina sideline. Rob Rang and Dane Brugler have a couple of mocks that I think will delight the masses.

Bradford’s Injury Hurts The Rams’ Chances Of Making The Super Bowl: CBS Sports

For the Rams (300-1), things are much worse. Sam Bradford's season-ending ACL injury sufficiently wraps things up for St. Louis. They weren't in a good place to begin with and were probably losing to the Panthers (50-1) on Sunday regardless of Bradford's status. But the Kellen Clemens show -- "give 'em hell with Kell (!!!!) -- isn't the type of event that gets the privilege of charging high prices for tickets.

The Shutdown Corner Playoff Projection [Week 8]: Yahoo! Sports

Would you like to see a playoff bracket that features the St. Louis Rams? Well, my friends, I’ve got to tell you…this isn’t the link for you. If you’re interested in seeing a playoff bracket that includes two other NFC West teams - much like the ones you saw in February - then you’re in the right place!

When Life Gives You Clemens…Make Clemen-ade?: ESPN

After spending most of his seven-plus years in the league as a backup, Clemens is well aware of his standing and how those on the outside view him. He makes no bones about the fact that nobody wants to see the backup because it means the normal starter is unavailable.

"That’s your role as the backup," Clemens said. "You’re the emergency plan that nobody really hopes gets used but that’s the situation that we’re in."

Rams Should Be "Easy Pickings" For The Seahawks: CBS Seattle

While Seattle should have no trouble taking down the Rams, they need to be careful—this game screams "trap game" because of the obvious mismatches both teams have. After an impressive 34-22 beat down of the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks have 11 days before their next game against their third NFC West opponent: the 3-4 St. Louis Rams.

32 Observations From Week 7: Pro Football Focus

Robert Quinn may be the flashier of the two Rams’ defensive ends thus far in 2013, but don’t mistake Chris Long’s minimal sack celebrations for absence in the backfield. Through seven games in 2013, he’s already accomplished [and exceeded] one statistic that took him 16 games last year.

Head On Over To The Rams’ Official Site On Friday For A Q&A With LEGATRON!

Rams, Seahawks Bring Monday Night Football Back To St. Louis: Rams’ Official Site

For the first time since Dec. 11, 2006, the Rams will be hosting Monday Night Football at the Edward Jones Dome when the Seattle Seahawks come to town this week. This will be the 19th Monday Night game for the Rams since moving to St. Louis in 1995, with the Rams posting a 9-9 record in those games.

For the wittier folk, there are a couple of punchlines here. On one hand, it’s probably not a surprise that Austin Davis and Brady Quinn hit the ground. On the other…you’re probably not baffled that they - or the offense - are running. Both being said, the [new] trio of Rams’ QBs are putting in extra time in preparation for a pretty important game on Monday night.

Did you know that the first game Kellen Clemens ever donned a Rams’ uniform the team played the Seattle Seahawks…on Monday Night Football? Of course you did[n’t]! I won’t bore you with the result of that game…

Since Sunday, there has been a lot of gloom and doom in St. Louis, following the loss of the Rams offensive leader and signal caller, Sam Bradford. The announcement of Kellen Clemens as the starter for Monday Night Football didn’t help bring excitement, nor did the signing of Austin Davis and Brady Quinn. However, in the darkness, there shines a slight glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, the Seattle Seahawks.

Signing the team’s former backup Austin Davis and retread disappointment Brady Quinn certainly doesn’t instill any additional confidence in the current QB depth chart.

Brady Quinn Learning "A Different Language"…

New Rams Quarterbacks on Learning Offense "It's like a new language." (via 101espn)

Walter Changes His Tune In Newest 2014 Mock Draft: Walter Football

In recent mock drafts, Walter has utilized his first pick on an offensive tackle. He now feels the Rams should utilize both first round picks on defensive talent. Do you agree?

Michael Fabiano’s Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em for Week 8:

ESPN Panel Ranks Their Top Players For Week 8: ESPN