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Steve Smith has some advice for Janoris Jenkins

Steve Smith says the Rams went too far with the personal trash talk ... then he goes too far with his response. Adults!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith's being a sore winner The Carolina Panthers receiver bested St. Louis Rams second-year corner Janoris Jenkins last week on the field. He's not done talking about the war of words between the two of them.

Smith reignited the skirmish on a Tuesday radio appearance:

... feel like when you don't respect somebody well there's nothing much left. So if I don't respect you and you don't respect me there aren't any rules, there aren't any guidelines. I didn't like that. Second of all, i'm 34 years old. You're a couple of years older than my youngest son. We're not on the same level.

And then he threw this out there about Jenkins:

It sounds like he needs to wear some condoms. That's what it sounds like he needs to wear.

What started all this? It came before Smith's touchdown. Both players started shoving and trash talking from the outset, or at least once the Rams swapped out Trumaine Johnson for Jenkins to "cover" Smith. (This film break down at takes a much closer look at the actual on-field battle between the two players).

We knew, based on comments after the game, that Smith claimed Jenkins included Smith's wife in his trash talk on the field. However, Smith is now claiming that Jenkins and his teammates made a premeditated effort with some well-researched verbal barbs at his wife.

When I go against the opponent I talk and I may say hey I beat you and any of that stuff. But I'm not going to Google a guy's wife's name and try to find out little things. It wasn't just him, it was other guys on that defense that was saying it. And just to go to that extent. I talk mess and I love talking mess and that's part of the game. But I would never walk up to a guy - first of all I don't really know outside of watching him on video - and Google his wife's name and her birthday and call her outside of her name and call that in the jest of sportsmanship or gamesmanship. That's not my deal.

In 2011, Smith considered retiring because of his wife's health. It was feared that she had Lupus at the time. Outside of that, there isn't much in the way of TMZ-type stuff out there easily accessible on the web. Smith never said exactly what Jenkins was saying about his wife that set him off, but it must have been pretty personal to get to this point, where he's still talking about it on Tuesday.

Two questions here. Considering how poorly the Rams secondary is playing, they should probably spend some time Googling "man coverage" or "wide receiver route concepts."

Second, Smith comes off like a tool by throwing the condom crack into his remarks. Not exactly taking the high road, after telling everyone about taking the high road.