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What to expect from Kellen Clemens

With Kellen Clemens the number one quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, they probably won't win the Super Bowl, but there has to be a bright side, right?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams lost their franchise quarterback Sam Bradford to a torn ACL. With nine games left in the season the Rams still have to show up and play. Enter the former second-round pick from Oregon, Kellen Clemens, who will be the new face of the franchise, until the season is over.

In 2011, Clemens started three games with the Rams, not necessarily lighting the world on fire. He finished the season with 546 yards, two touchdowns, one interception, and a 52.7 completion percentage.

Clemens started on the outside looking in during the off-season. The Rams brought Clemens back to be the 3rd quarterback behind Austin Davis who was cut after he regressed during the preseason. Clemens won the battle against Davis, and the rest is history. Davis has now been brought back because of the injury to Bradford. It will be interesting to see if he can upset Clemens and win the starting job and potentially be the backup QB of the future that the Rams thought he was when they signed him as an undrafted rookie.

Right now, Clemens is the best choice that the Rams have at quarterback. Don't expect the Rams offense to be drastically different now that Clemens is under center. The Rams were getting conservative with Bradford as the season rolled on, so unless the Rams are behind by a lot of points, it's hard to picture Clemens throwing the ball 50 times.

Clemens and the Rams offense doesn't have to change much, 3-step drops and quick throws. Also, expect the Rams to try and pound the ball with rookie Zac Stacy as much as possible. Players might be expected to get more yards after the catch in games compared to when Bradford played, and since Clemons is sort of a gunslinger, expect to see deep throws and throws that would make Brett Favre want to return from retirement.

The most interesting decision the Rams will have to make is whether Tavon Austin or Brian Quick see an increase in snaps. Maybe even Stedman Bailey will be able to finally get in the mix. It's hard to say this, but obviously it's a long shot that the Rams could make the playoffs, so why not see what your weapons can do?

The Rams hope that Clemens can help them win some games. The team might have to win in spite of Clemens at times, but this is the hand that the Rams have been dealt.