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Should the Rams draft a backup QB in 2014?

The most popular quarterback is the backup.

Streeter Lecka

The St. Louis Rams lost their starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, to a torn ACL in the Sunday brawl with the Carolina Panthers. The injury hit fans hard when the news first leaked that his knee injury could be a season-ending injury. Days after the fact, it leaves some questions for the Rams to answer.

The 2014 NFL Draft appears to be stockpiled with quarterback talent. The Rams could draft a QB; however, it comes down to will they draft a signal called late to be a clipboard holder just in case Bradford has to miss another game? Or will they draft another player to push Bradford like Mike Glennon did for Josh Freeman this year (bad example, but I'm sure you get the idea).

Obviously, we will assume the best and expect that Bradford will start for the Rams Week 1 next season. But, this is the second year that Bradford has missed significant playing time. I'm not saying that the Rams should expect Bradford to get hurt in the future, but what's so bad about drafting a backup?

It would make sense to groom another QB in case of injury, and hope that instead of replacing Bradford or taking snaps during an injury, the team can use him to get trade value down the line. He could even be a eventual replacement for Bradford, whose contract runs through 2015.

Personally, I would like to see the Rams to look into Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. He will probably get the Matt Barkley treatment and end up a fourth-round or later pick. He seems like a smart player that the Rams could groom to be the backup or play a couple games a season if need be.

Is there a QB that you would like the Rams to draft next season? Or would you be happy with bringing in another vet QB?