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Turf Show Radio Tonight at 9:00PM Eastern Time

The airwaves will be cracklin', and Joe McAtee is there to answer and ask the questions you have lolling around in those Rams' fan minds. So much has happened in the last few days, so I know you'll want to tune in to get the latest scoop on Sam Bradford, the re-signing of Austin Davis, and a guy named Brady Quinn.

There will be Steve Smith smack talk, and Chris Long observations about getting the heave-ho during Sunday's game. We'll be joined by Field Gulls expert commentators Kenny Stein and Luke Wehrheim to give us insights into the Seattle Seahawks.

You have fantasy Football questions? Well, Mike D will be on hand to give us his inside skinny on possible adds and drops for your team this week. My FF team is currently 1-6, so I'll be listening closely and trying to beat the guys in my league to the waiver wire when Mike unearths a sleeper.

Ask your questions here at TST in the thread below, or challenge Verizon to connect you directly with Joe by dialing: (347) 857-1022

To hear the show "LIVE", hit this pretty little link right...