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Sam Bradford has a torn ACL, per reports

Sunday afternoon's fears of a torn ACL morphed into a full-blown series of reports that said as much.

Streeter Lecka

Sam Bradford apparently has a torn ACL in his left knee. Three different reports, citing the ubiquitous sources, all said as much on Sunday night. Pro Football Talk was the first to report that the St. Louis Rams quarterback did tear the ligament in his knee.

PFT said that an MRI for Bradford back in St. Louis revealed the torn ACL. The team has yet to confirm to the news.

And just because we're thorough, here are the other national reporters with the news on Bradford's knee.

The good news is that ACL tears aren't career-ending. But it does take some time. RGIII tore the ligaments in his knee in January, and was on the field for Week 1. He probably could have waited a few more weeks, arguably, but that gives you a good sense of the timeline for quarterbacks.

Head coach Jeff Fisher should have more at his Monday press conference.