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Sam Bradford injury: Rams fear torn ACL

The Rams are bracing for the worst.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford will have an MRI in St. Louis when the team returns from its disastrous road trip to Charlotte. The exact diagnosis on his injured left knee is unknown. However, the team reportedly is bracing for bad news, the possibility of a torn ACL.

A torn ACL isn't the career-ender it used to be. However, the recovery time is significant, and it would mean that Bradford's season is over. Jeff Fisher has a news conference on Monday afternoon. There should be more information about Bradford's status by then.

Peter King expects the Rams to have a battery of quarterbacks in the house this week for a tryout. He named Matt Leinart and John Skelton as possibilities. Obviously, Vince Young and Jeff Fisher's previous relationship would preclude the former Titan.

The Rams had a rough day against the Panthers before Bradford's injury. The quarterback's first pass of the game was an interception that Carolina returned for a touchdown. It was only Bradford's fourth pick of the year. He came into this week's game riding career highs with 13 touchdowns, adding one more in this game.