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Rams have discussed signing Tim Tebow, according to report

If Sam Bradford is out for the rest of the season, the Rams could turn to unlikely sources for his replacement.

Streeter Lecka

The St. Louis Rams could be without quarterback Sam Bradford for a significant length of time, possibly the rests of the season depending on what the diagnosis is on his knee injury. As for a potential replacement, the team has apparently discussed signing Tim Tebow, according to a report from Mike Silver of the NFL Network.

But then Silver followed that up with a clarification noting that it was unlikely.

Is worth repeating that there is still no official word on Sam Bradford's left knee. It doesn't sound good. The team is reportedly preparing for the possibility of him being out for the rest of the year. And watching him in pain on the sidelines, it sure looked serious.

Tim Tebow hasn't been able to catch on in the NFL, in spite of a slew of QB-needy teams, since being cut from the Patriots training camp roster. He threw a total of eight passes with the Jets last season. He is not a very good quarterback, sensationalism aside.

But Silver's report does raise a big concern. The Rams will have to lean on Kellen Clemens for the rest of the season. Quarterbacks capable of helping teams at this point have all been swept up. Even Matt Flynn's re-signed with the Bills. If the Rams do lose Bradford for the year, there's no quick fix marching over the horizon to save them.

Update: NOPE