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St. Louis 15, Carolina 30: Rams Lose Games, Heads, Sam

In an emotion-filled, injury-stained contest, the Rams lose on the road to Carolina. And now we wait.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, there is only anger.

Anger can serve a purpose, but right now there is no purpose. Only anger.

Anger that a fluky molested pass yet again saw an interception returned for a TD. Sam Bradford has thrown four interceptions this season. Three have been returned for six points.

Anger that a 1st and 4 resulted not in any offensive points but a safety to stem the bleeding.

Anger that Tavon Austin's fumble helped the Panthers take an even bigger lead and set up the early momentum of the first half.

Anger at Brian Quick's hands.

But mostly anger at the nature of that game. It was ugly, scrappy and emotional and the Panthers were on the better side of it. Part of that is the nature of home field advantage. When you get into an emotional game and you've got 70,000-plus voicing their support in person, it's a bit harder to lose that one. When you get the refs making all the crucial calls in that period that decides who will gain the edge in the emotional battle in your favor, it's impossible to lose it.

There are valid criticisms. The Rams' own mistakes ruined what could have been a superior first half. They should have found a way to keep their emotional outbursts contained within the game. The coaches should have channeled that emotion into their play and overcome the disadvantages they were facing between the players, the crowd and the refs.

In the end though, the game's final result is a knee. Sam Bradford's knee, tweaked while being dragged down legally in bounds and leaving us with this:

As Sam Bradford writhed on the floor, Carolina safety Mike Mitchell celebrated the 2nd down stop.

Pain? Celebration? Retribution?

Not right now. Right now, just anger.