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The Jeff Fisher Show

Michael Thomas

I realize there things in life I just don't get. Like paying $5 for a cup of coffee, or why a car dealer advertises how much money you'll save buying their new fuel efficient car. After they bump up the price due to its popularity, you may as well be driving a Hummer because any saving you may have been able to have is already in the dealer's pocket. You see, we're told different things, and it's up to us to glean either truth or lie; to trust, or deny.

When I watched Jeff Fisher's show on ESPN 101, I became bum-fuzzled. Coach Fisher looked and acted like the last three weeks never happened? I guess he has to, since no one really wants to see him sitting Shiva, or counting worry beads. After you watch the video, tell me what you think? He hints at some changes brewing, but doesn't get into on camera.

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