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What happened to Sam Bradford the leader?

With Steven Jackson gone, Sam Bradford was supposed to become the leader of the Rams offense. What happened?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I'm just going to leave this here for discussion. What is it? More body language and leadership talk about Sam Bradford from Zach and Rammer on 101 ESPN.

On Wednesday morning they had Neil Rackers on show to talk about Bradford and the struggling Rams.

"I want to see him get mad," Rackers said. "I want to see him grab these offensive linemen and say 'get your job done, I can't do mine if you don't get your job done.'

"You need to see more fire from him."

Does this sound familiar? It should. We had this same discussion about Marc Bulger back in the day. It's a natural reaction to the frustrations associated with a losing team.

It's also kind of like the infamous "clutch" debate baseball guys are always having. You can't quantify it. You can't prove it. And there's no indication that it helps receivers get separation, linemen make their blocks, etc.

There is one point they do make in this snippet from the radio show that is a good one: Bradford's supposed to be the leader of the offense. Steven Jackson is gone now. This offense is his to lead now. And it's another reason why the quarterback does deserve scrutiny for the offensive struggles.

As for yelling and screaming, Bradford's never been that guy. There is more than one way to lead people, be it in the NFL or in the cubicles at your suburban office park.

But I'll leave it you to discuss.