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The Rams Will Have A New Kickoff Returner This Week

Who will be the Rams new kickoff returner?

Here I come
Here I come
Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have a decision to make about who should be the kickoff returner, now that Benny Cunningham is out multiple weeks with a leg injury.

Cunningham wasn't bad in his role as a kickoff returner, currently ranked 7th in return yards. However, the undrafted rookie free agent wasn't who many expected to see before the season began.

That player was Tavon Austin, but the Rams decided that Austin was too special to place on kickoff returns. Now that the rookie's snaps have started to decline on offense, maybe the Rams decide to place him there in hopes that he can break a big return for the team.

Another option that the Rams have is having Isaiah Pead return kicks. Not many fans would cheer if they saw Pead returning kicks. Who could blame them? He's looked indecisive. He's fumbled. There just doesn't seem to be upside there.

Pead could get the nod over Austin as a returner, especially if the Rams decide to use Austin heavily on offense. Pead has to have a use for this team, right?