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Fantasy Football Play Them or Bench Them

Here is where we call out some players who may be in your thoughts on to play them or not,

Tom Szczerbowski

Each week in this space I will review players who are ranked outside the top 10 for Qb's and Te's and top 20 for Wr's in the weekly ESPN rankings on who I think will flourish and who will disappoint this upcoming week. I do not review those ranked higher since they are probably highly drafted and unable to be benched especially with the lack of depth a RB. Last week was another bad week, I went 6-3 in the Play them and 4-4 in the Bench them. We have our 4th bye week with the Saints and Raiders being off. Let’s get to this week;

Play Them

Nick Foles (12) – He had another great week and gets the awful Cowboys pass defense, ride the wave<>

Ryan Tannehill (16) – The Bills defense also has issues against the pass and this is a nice bye week fill in if you have Brees.

Joseph Randle (20)- The Cowboys have no real options plus the Eagles leaku defense should make this a ncie start for 1 week.

Brandon Jacobs (27) – The Vikings are one of the worst defenses against the run, the fountain of youth continues.

Mike Wallace (20) -The Bills are a bottom 5 pass defense against receivers.

Keenan Allen (23) – I expect a bit of a closer game which should mean a lot of targets go his way.

Alshon Jeffrey (24)- Another great matchup versus the awful Redskins defense.

Kyle Rudolph (12)- The Giants are the worst team fantasy wise defending tight ends.

Bench Them

Matt Ryan (10) – No White, Jones or Jackson plus a top 5 pass defense, no thanks.

Tom Brady (11) – Even with Gronk back, he gets a very tough Jets defense on the road.

Chris Johnson (21)- Greene is coming back and they have the 49ers defense, he cannot be in any lineups this week.

Bilal Powell (24) – Goodson did get hurt but he is still in a job share, Pats continue to play tough run defense.

Zac Stacy (25) He did pretty well against the bottom run defenses in the NFL bit now gets a top 5 one, the train stops here.

Torrey Smith (20)- He has an awful history versus the Steelers plus Flacco has been awful on the road as well.

Julian Edelman (25) – They get Gronk back plus the Jets defense makes him a bit player on Sunday.

Harry Douglas (27) – He has never down well as a starter and now as the top receiver target, xpect the stingy Bucs defense to take him out of the game.

Greg Olsen (10)- He has been in a walking boot and the Rams have been stout against tight ends.

Thanks for reading and please free to ask any questions on Twitter or in the comments below.