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Turf Show Radio: Tonight at 9 pm, ET

Coming off of a huge 38-13 win, 3k grabs the mic to usher in another hour-longish episode of TSR. This time, though, things are likely to be a bit more friendly.

We did it! We made it back to .500! This season still has life!

In all honesty, the Rams are coming off of their best game of their 2013 season, a 38-13 manhandling of the Houston Texans.

Sure, there are still things to work on. The passing game was incredibly limited and featured less of Tavon Austin than at any point this year. The defense gave up a ton of yards despite showing a determined unwillingness to let the Texans get into the end zone. Arian Foster tore up the Rams' rushing defense despite a couple varied looks. And we're not going to get four turnovers every game, especially not two of which find their way into the end zone.

So what. Let's enjoy this for a night.

Hit us up on tonight's episode of Turf Show Radio. You can, and should, call us up at (347) 857-1022. I'll keep an eye on this thread as well. And if you're desperate, any combination of tweeting myself (@3k_), @TurfShowTimes or using #TurfShowRadio.

You know I always like to hear from the devoted fans of TSR who lavish nothing but praise on our shoulders:

Ok. Let's try again.


So get at us and let's talk the Texans win as well as a season of opportunity reborn.