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The true meaning of T.E.A.M.

Tony Softli explained how the St. Louis Rams won in Week 6: acronyms.

Complete this sentence: The Rams won this because _____.

The ground game?

Efficient passing?


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The Rams won this week for one reason: T.E.A.M. And what exactly does a powerful acronym like that mean? Former NFL front office person turned insider deejay Tony Softli explains in his weekly column of "unique football content."

Once the players lined up for kickoff on Sunday, though, the weekend's true storyline emerged: The youngest team in the NFL grew up. The overwhelming production from all three phases was nice, but the emotional aspect of dominating on the road and embodying the all-important acronym of T.E.A.M. - together everyone achieves more - turned out to be of greater importance.

The whole concept of "together everyone achieves more" was so important, Softli repeated it in the very next paragraph.

We here at TST are FOA (fans of acronyms), so we asked out LTF (loyal Twitter followers) to help better define Tony Softli's Successories-like acronym. It all started with a slightly less than normal cryptic tweet.

We got a heaping helping of UFC (unique football content).

Unique Football Acronyms.