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Rams 38, Texans 13: Football

In an unpredictably enjoyable fashion, the Rams got a big win on the road in Houston to even their record at 3-3 and restore hope to the 2013 season.

Bob Levey

Sometimes, things are hard to understand.

Take this quote from an email I just got from Doug:

The most intriguing aspects of this game is how the Rams have a little more than half the total offense of Houston, but have 38 points? Bradford has a 134 QB rating, with 117 passing yards? He hit 9 different receivers, with none of them getting more than 2 targets each?

Sam Bradford threw the ball just 16 times, but looked in complete control and miles above both Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates.

Zac Stacy ran for nearly 80 yards on 14 carries and will get much of the credit for setting the tone for the Rams. Arian Foster gained 141 yards on 20 carries and in reality had much less impact on the game.

Andre Johnson had 88 yards on seven catches. The Rams' top receiver was Jared Cook with 45 yards on a pair of receptions.

The Rams, true to form, racked up nine penalties for for 74 yards lost. The Texans kept pace with seven for 95.

The Texans looked confused, sloppy, and behind their four turnovers, outmatched.

The Rams did not look like the Rams I was expecting.

They looked like the Rams I was hoping for.

The 2013 season? It's on.