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St. Louis Rams - Houston Texans: "LIVE" Second Half Game Thread

The Rams put up their most impressive first half of the season en route to a 17-6 halftime lead on the road in Houston.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A strong running game. A bend but don't break defense. Some help from the refs.

That's what we've gotten today, and it's put the Rams up 11 at the break.

Zac Stacy's coming out party is undeniable. He's running hard and making a big impact. Keep an eye on how the Texans respond to the Rams' success on the ground.

Speaking of successful ground games...Arian Foster is going off. At nearly 100 yards on just 10 rushes, the Rams need to work on something more effective. And it's not just about the numbers game. Two of Foster's big runs have come on plays in which the Rams had eight men in the box. Credit where credit's due -- the Texans' O-line is having a game. But some stiff red zone defense is keeping things in front of them the way this defense is designed. Nothing over the top, force the throws underneath and tighten up at the back. We'll see how this Rams defense adjusts - a couple cornerback blitzes early saw the Rams get burned and those 8-man front looks weren't all that successful either.

Props to Michael Brockers for his two sacks in his hometown.

Let's go Rams!