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Rams vs. Texans, Week 6: TV schedule, online, radio, referees & more

The St. Louis Rams are on the road in Houston this week. Here's everything you need to get ready for the game.

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Is this a must-win game for the St. Louis Rams? After a rough start to the season, every game has that feel. However, Jeff Fisher's team does have a decent matchup against a struggling Houston Texans team. Of course, Gary Kubiak's team will be looking for a rebound of their own, before the AFC playoff race slips away from them entirely.

Here's all the info you need for watching this week's game.

Referee: Billy Leavy

Leavy got downgraded this season, his ref rating, when his crew goofed on a call in Week 1, giving the 49ers an extra down against the Packers. Clay Matthews and Joe Staley had offsetting personal foul penalties because of a ruckus out of bounds. Leavy replayed the down, third down, and the 49ers converted. It should have been fourth down. Because of a dead ball.

Leavy's crew goofed again in Week 3 when Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier challenged on his team's recovery of a muffed punt in the second quarter. The play was automatically reviewed by the booth. The NFL changed the rules to charge teams a timeout for challenging a play that's not reviewable. They used to charge a team 15 yards for that. Leavy missed the memo, and slapped the Vikings with a 15-yard penalty, while leaving their timeouts untouched. It gave the Vikings first-and-25 at the Browns 41 instead of first-and-10 at the Browns 26.

Here's the TV info.

TV: FOX (Distribution map)

Booth: Chris Myers, Tim Ryan

Time: 1 p.m. ET

Radio: 101 ESPN

Online: Sunday Ticket and Red Zone Channel (subscription required)

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