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Sit/start fantasy football lineup decisions, Week 6

This si where we pick who will overachieve or underachieve based on the ESPN weekly rankings

Jonathan Daniel

Each week in this space I will review players who are ranked outside the top 10 for QBs and TEs and top 20 for WRs in the weekly ESPN rankings, based on who I think will flourish and who will disappoint this upcoming week. I do not review those ranked higher since they are probably highly drafted and unable to be benched, especially with the lack of depth a RB.  Last week was my first bad week, I went 3-6 in the "play them" and 4-4 in the "bench them." We have our third bye week with the Atlanta and Miami being off. Let’s get to this week;

Play Them:

Jay Cutler (11) – He had a bit of a rough game last week, but gets the best defense to go against in the Giants this one. Start him comfortably.

Nick Foles (17) - He stepped in for almost 200 yards and 2 TDs last week. I would expect something similar with more yards versus the Bucs

Willis McGahee (21) - He will get a ton of carries again, and should get a few goal line chances. Not many running backs are guaranteed his workload.

Danny Woodhead (26) – With Mathews out, he is their best option, and has even had a few goal line carries. He should perform as a RB2.

Marcel Reece (34) – With McFadden out last year, he had a few huge games, and I feel another coming this week, especially with Jennings banged up as well.

Alshon Jeffrey (20)- Continue to ride his hot streak especially against the Giants.

Justin Blackmon (26)- He ran free all last week versus the Rams last week, and in what should be a trailing mode all game, should rack up the targets.

Terrance Williams (30)- He may have won the job over Austin, and now gets the Redskins, another awful pass defense.

Garrett Graham (10)- He was close to a TE1, and now with the Daniels injury, I can see him being a top 5 guy, especially against the Rams.

Bench Them

Colin Kaepernick (11) –   At this point, he should be on all benches. He is not running. Wait until Crabtree comes back.

Eli Manning (17)-  On the road in Chicago, if INTs count as negative points, he cannot be started the rest of the year.

Darren Sproles (23) – He is just not getting the touches, and has had only one good game all year.

Bilal Powell (24)-  It looks like with Goodson and Ivory back he is in a complete three-way job share, not an optimal situation.

Maurice Jones Drew (25) – There is nothing that can happen to have him as a starter on your team. If he could not rip up the Rams, who is he going to have success against?

T.Y Hilton (22) – He did have a huge week, but he is way more boom or bust this year with more bad games than good.

Hakeem Nicks (25)- While he looked good last week, the Bears are a different animal and expect much regression.

Dwayne Bowe (30)- Another guy everyone is getting tired of waiting for, much better options out there.

Jared Cook (14)- There is no way you can continue to hope and pray he replays the Week 1 production.

Thanks for reading and please free to ask any questions on Twitter or in the comments below.