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2013 St. Louis Rams: Body language and defensive coordinators

A couple of interesting points about the state of the 2013 Rams came up on the radio Tuesday morning.

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Oh, the old body language debate. Whenever that kind of talk surfaces, you know that things are bad and nobody has any real answers for how it got there. It's also a good sign that there's an excess of time. Anyway, the body language debate bubbled up this week.

Marc Lillibridge was on Zach and Rammer show on 101 ESPN on Tuesday morning talking about the St. Louis Rams, what the heck is wrong with them, and more. They had a good conversation, and you should listen to the whole thing (embedded below). For now, let's skip to the body language part of it.

"You could see their body language ... in the fourth quarter, heck, Bradford had it early," Lillibridge said. "The whole team just looked like they got the wind knocked out of them.

"The body language of the whole team just did not give me a good vibe going into the last three quarters of the season."

I can do stats, I like to talk Xs and Os, but I'm less confident when it comes to reading players' body language. That said, I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater either. What did you see when it comes to body language last Thursday night?

Defensive coordinators

Now, here's a particularly enlightening discussion. The subject of defensive coordinators came up in the last part of the segment. Rob Ryan's name was mentioned, pointing out how well the Saints defense has played in spite of injuries and a scheme transition that was supposed to set it back a year.

Another name that came up: Gregg Williams.

Williams' defense in Tennessee is playing lights out right now. The bounty stuff is off the radar, and the guys seems to have rediscovered his passion for playing the game.

The Rams settled for Tim Walton. St. Louis has one of the five worst defenses in the NFL now.