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Turf Show Radio: Tonight at 9pm Eastern Time

Special Guest tonight: CBS Sports' Jamey Eisenberg

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


Our special guests tonight: Jamey Eisenberg from CBS Sports, Adam Stites from Big Cat Country, and the Senior NFL Editor of SBNation -Ryan Van... something or other? It's going to be an awesome show, so make sure to be here tonight and ask questions in the comment thread.

Remember back in July how you were all like, "Oh man I can't wait for football to get here. It's gonna be so great having football and the Rams back, and who knows. Maybe we'll make the playoffs and things will look great and I'll feel better about myself and the world around me."

I blame you and your optimism for this.

So here we are, sitting on a 1-3 record including two straight mind-liquifying embarrassments, the latter of the two on national prime time television against division rivals San Francisco.

I figure, that's the best time for Turf Show Radio. You can vent, rage, rant, act a damn fool...whatever you so choose. Look, you're not going to make yourself look any worse than the Rams.

So hit me up at (347) 857-1022. We might have a pretty awesome guest for actual St. Louis Ram...but no confirmation yet. If so? Super. If not? Hey, more time for the TSTers among us.

If you've missed a show, you can catch all of them from the show page. If you want to feed some TST straight into your earholes while being all cool with your technogadgetry, head to our iTunes page and get you some Turf Show Radio.

With an eye ahead to the Jacksonville and an attempt to take stock of things, it's a very difficult episode of Turf Show Radio coming tonight at 9. Let's get through this together, people.