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The St. Louis Rams: Hope Springs Eternal

"Hope Springs Eternal" is a line from Alexander Pope's 1734 poem: "An Essay On Man". It means that no matter the circumstances, man will always hope for the best; thinking that better things will come down the road. We may not always be at, or do, our best, but we have the potential to be better in the future. No matter how bad things have been, they can always get better...

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Hope Springs Eternal

We expected so much

From our beloved Rams

Instead the highlights

There's only smack cams...


This team so promising

Was it all an illusion?

Reaching the playoffs

Just a delusion?


The hype was amazing

How could we resist?

What we need now,

Is to cease and desist...


We were not told

And there was no lie

Our own expectations,

Were way too high...


Being a Rams fan

For forty plus years

Means many gray hairs

And too many beers...


Sure we are peeved

Who wouldn't be?

As are Fisher, Long,

Sam, and Ogletree...


Fans are all angry

Curse every breath

It's only football,

Not life and death...


We miss you Steven

And your thousand a year

The running game now?

We watched it disappear...


The Rams vets' play

Is not up to par

Each needs to rise

And play like a star...


Dear Sam Bradford

The vultures circle near

They're starting to call it,

A make or break year...


When is the draft?

We need some OLine

Two in the first

And we'll be just fine...


Mikell and Dunbar

Meant more than we know

The defense is struggling

Has reached a new low...


DA and Gibson

Yes them too

The rookies haven't figured

Out what to do...


OC's and DC's

Schemes and plans

Who knows better

Than us Rams fans?


We applauded the Fish

At seven, eight and one

Now one and three

And Jeff should be done?


Doom and gloom

No reason to cheer

Oh, wait one minute

It's only quarter of the year...


Four games do not

A whole season make

After the bye in two twelve

We left teams in our wake...


The second year

Of a four year plan

It'll test the patience

Of every Rams fan...


Two steps forward

One step back

They are so young

It's faith that we lack...


It's been a long time

We still need to wait

Cheer on the Rams

And stop all the hate...


The Rams are so young

Give it more time

Two years away

From reaching their prime...


One and three

The sky isn't falling

Rest of the season

Some serious balling...


The future looks bright

Convinced it is so

I'll stay positive

Rams faithful in tow...


Hope springs eternal

The talent is there

Bet against Fisher

And Snead if you dare...


Join hands and

Say it out loud

Rams fans forever

Loyal and proud...


There's ol' Dubs,

A true heretic.

This keeper of faith,

Is waxing poetic...