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Trumaine Johnson moves the Rams to L.A.

Who knew a rookie cornerback had such authority.

St. Louis Rams fans edgy about their team's tenuous status under the Arch had a strange experience on Wednesday afternoon. Rookie cornerback Trumaine Johnson created a tiny tempest with a stray tweet.


Whoops! The front office is going to love reading that, especially after a recent media good will tour ahead of a looming decision from the arbitrators over dueling proposals for fixing up the Edward Jones Dome.

Johnson has since deleted his tweet after a mini-firestorm on Twitter.

Nobody knows exactly why Johnson made that tweet. He does hail from Stockton, CA, which is due east of the Bay Area. Sources told TST that there was a small contingent of Rams players in the LA area this week, which if you're using Occam's Razor ...

More astonishing that Johnson's tweet is that it actually had people wondering about the Rams and L.A. Seriously. People really thought that a rookie cornerback would be privy to the team's future business. Folks, Twitter's a wonderful thing, but let's not lose our sense of perspective over it.