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Random Ramsdom: Wednesday Linktacular

St. Louis is a team on the move, but it will take another great off-season for them for them to get back into the mix as a serious contender in the NFC.


It's the beginning of the off-season - a time filled with poorly constructed mock-drafts and wild speculation. For the Rams, it's a time to finish the building project they started last spring.

Reviewing the Rams 2012 draft haul

Yes, the Rams a had a good draft in 2012. I think its pretty obvious. Not only that, but the Rams gave all of their draft picks unwavering support. Many started, and all of them played. Jeff Fisher has placed this team on the fast track to development. It will be interesting to see what happens to players that don't necessarily develop the way they are expected in their second year.

Micheal Ford a Ram

The Rams are mentioned as a team possibly interested in Micheal Ford as a late round pick. Ford is an interesting prospect. He has apparent talent, but is struggling to shine at LSU where good running backs are a dime a dozen. If Steven is back, Ford could be a 2nd-string potential power back. And if Steven is gone, he could compete with Terrance Gannaway for a chance to fill that power back role.

Fixing the Rams 3rd down offense

Unfortunately, I'm not sure the Rams need just their third down offense fixed. The Rams were poor on offense all the way around, but there are some good points in this article about play-calling.

Goodbye Rob Ryan

Honestly, somebody should sit Jerry Jones down and tell him that he is the single worst thing to happen to the Cowboys in the last 12 years. The Cowboys will never overcome his incompetence. However, other teams will certainly benefit from him dropping his best coaching asset, Rob Ryan.

Hello Rob Ryan???

Is Rob Ryan a good fit for the Rams? He does have some ties to Jeff Fisher, and certainly is an intriguing prospect. However, there are a few things that give me pause. Most recently he has run a 3-4 formation instead of the Rams preferred format, 4-3. Also, his system is different from what the Rams ran this year. Rob Ryan has run a 4-3 defense before, so he could potentially switch back. That means there wouldn't be an overhaul in personnel (although the Rams played elements of a 3-4 all year). But the system switch is still the thing that concerns me the most. Could Ryan come in without disturbing many elements of the Rams current defensive system that Jeff Fisher has claimed he wants to keep? We will see soon.

The Alabama O-Line

It's very likely the Rams could feature a premier member of this elite team following this years draft. It's debatable who the best player is on this line, but almost all of them carry a first round grade. No wonder Notre Dame couldn't control the line of scrimmage. If this group of players were to be together in the NFL in 5 years it could be equally as difficult for many NFL teams.

Can't Miss In the draft

The Rams know all too well how important it is that a losing team strike gold on their first round pick. By selecting a bust, you can set your team back years.

Tahj Boyd, a big draft key?

I previously predicted that 4-5 QB's would go in the first 15 picks of this years draft. This is especially true if Tahj Boyd is in the mix. His ability will be multiplied on a stage like the combine, and teams will rocket him up their draft boards. Remember RGIII wasn't the consensus #2 pick until after the combine. The draft process takes a while, and teams talk themselves into quarterbacks.

Thanks for being Random this morning. Stay classy.