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2012 St. Louis Rams Review: Underachievers

Which players didn't live up to expectations in 2012?

Be honest.  You forgot he was on the team.
Be honest. You forgot he was on the team.

Every year, each team has players who do not live up to the hype or just have a bad season. Almost the entire Rams' roster would be on this list in previous years, but this year, there are only a few players who stick out. It's another reminder to the improvement in the team's coaching under Jeff Fisher.

Harvey Dahl

There is no other way to put it, Harvey Dahl was horrible this season. He was quietly horrible, but a large part of that comes off of his reputation as a great offensive guard. He is due $4 million dollars next season, which isn't too big of a cap hit, but if the Rams do in fact draft a guard in 2012, and are comfortable with Rok Watkins starting, Dahl could be a potential cut candidate to make cap room for the Rams who only have $10 million right now.

Brian Quick

Putting a rookie on this list seems very "knee-jerky", but the Rams received basically no production out of Brian Quick, who was the first player picked in the second round, and a player that the team compared to Terrell Owens. In 15 games Quick only had 11 catches. His will be around next year, but he will have to start producing as an NFL roster spots are not given out solely based on potential.

James Laurinaitis

James Laurinaitis did not have a bad year, but this season his play did fall off from the high level we have come to expect from Laurinaitis. He only had 0.5 sacks and no forced fumbles coming into the first year of his huge contract. He continued to be one of the top linebackers in pass coverage, but he did struggle against the run, especially early in the season. James' play picked up in the later part of the season, but overall, this season was a bit of a disappointment for Laurinaitis. He is still one of the best leaders on the team, and he has a tremendous work ethic. There is no doubt in my mind, James will have a tremendous season in 2013.

Isaiah Pead

He is in the same category as Quick. He was a high draft pick who had no impact. He only had 10 carries. In preseason, he had trouble running north and south, and also with fumbles. The Rams felt much more comfortable giving the ball to a less talented, undersized Daryl Richardson. Pead will have to pick it up next season.