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The Eddie Lacy Conundrum

Jeff Fisher has selected 4 running backs in the first two rounds in his coaching career. He selected running backs in the first two rounds in three consecutive years. Could history re-write itself?

Kevin C. Cox

After last night's game, fans around the league are clamoring for their team to draft Eddie Lacy. For the Rams, Lacy presents an interesting conundrum. While Lacy appears to be an NFL three-down-back workhorse in the making, one must remember he is playing behind arguably the best offensive line in college football history. The Rams offensive line can only dream of opening holes that big.

Eddie Lacy is projected to be a round two, but his stock is on the rise. I know, I know, we drafted a running back in the second last year - we don't need one this year. But with Steven Jackson's career coming to a close, and with Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead both being runts, Lacy looks like an attractive compliment. Couple it with Jeff Fisher's affinity for running backs, and we have a recipe that concludes with the Rams drafting Eddie Lacy.

Mock draft after mock draft has the Rams taking offensive linemen in the first round. Some mocks even have them taking two. Eddie Lacy found the draft stock that Manti T'eo lost yesterday. If Lacy's stock continues to rise, he could inch his way into the first round. With the Rams lack of offensive line talent, would Lacy thrive as he did last night and all year long for Alabama? Would the Rams be better served to hold off on Lacy in the first round and address the line and other needs?

All of these are interesting questions. The NFL is changing, and running backs are looking more interchangeable everyday. The Rams should steer clear of drafting a running back in the first round, but Jeff Fisher's history would suggest that a first round running back is a real possibility. What do you think the Rams should do?