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Tuesday links filled with draft goodness

The Redskins lost and the Rams draft positions are now set in stone. Rams talk will largely revolve around who the Rams should take in this years NFL Draft.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL year is coming to a close. Free agency and the NFL Draft are the next events on the dockett. From now until those two events there will be a lot of conjecture. Last night Rams fans were able to watch a few of the Rams potential draftees in Chance Warmack and Tyler Eifert. Who do you think the Rams should go after in free agency and who do you think they should draft?

Draft Order Set For The Rams

With the Redskins losing, the Rams draft order is now set. The Rams will be drafting at #16 and #22.

National Championship Game Draft Prospects

Last nights game showcased a plethora of NFL Draft prospects. Chance Warmack may be the safest pick in all of the draft. Tyler Eifert looked like a game-changing tight end, and Eddie Lacy moved up draft boards around the league. Chris Trappasso of Bleacher Report offered draft day projections for each player.


Shawn Brubaker of Bleacher Report pumped out one of the least appealing mocks for the Rams I have seen to date. Brubaker predicted that the Rams will take Terrence Williams at #16, and Chance Warmack at #22. Terrence Williams is a good player, but #16 is a reach. Also, I do not see Warmack lasting until pick #22. He is just too talented.

Torn LCL for RG3

According to ESPN's Brett McMurphy, RG3 has a partial tear in his LCL. It's also being speculated that there is at least a partial tear in RG3's ACL. I never wish an injury on anyone. I feel bad for RG3.

Free Agent Master List

Free Agency will open shop on March 12th. Nick Mensio of Rotoworld put together a comprehensive list of all of the 2013 NFL Free Agents. Who do you think the Rams should target?

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.